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Status of the embargoLifted
ExceptionsYes, no prior notification or approval

Ouzbekistan is no longer under any arms embargo.

The EU enforced an arms embargo against Ouzbekistan between November 2005 and October 2009


Internal repression

Conventional weapons


Uzbekistan is no longer subject to EU arms embargo. 


Between November 2005 and October 2009, Uzbekistan was subject to EU arms embargo which was extended several times. These prohibited the sale, supply, transfer or export of arms and related materiel of all types as well as equipment which might be used for internal repression as listed in Annex II of Common position 2005/792/CFSP. The provision of financial or technical assistance related to these items or related to military activities was also prohibited. 


However, the EU arms embargo provided for several exceptions, regarding some specific weapons and intended for the use of international actors (United Nations, European Union, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ (OEF)), their personnel and representatives of the media. 


See Common position 2005/792/CFSP, Regulation 1859/2005EU Council Conclusions of October 27th, 2009.