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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Status of the embargoLifted
Organisation(s) imposing embargoesEU
RestrictionsConventional weapons 
Internal repression
Terrorist acts
ExceptionsYes, no prior notification or approval

Bosnia is no longer under any arms embargo. Between July 1991 and January 2006, the European Community  (today the European Union) enforced an arms embargo


Bosnia and Herzegovina is no longer subject to any arms embargo. 


Between July 1991 and January 2006, the European Community (today the European Union) enforced an arms embargo, which originally prohibited the sale and the supply of arms, munitions and military equipment to the whole territory of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In March 1998, items which might be used for internal repression or for terrorism were added to the list of prohibited items. 


In July 1999, measures have been eased to authorize Member States to export small arms and light weapons to the police forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Council Decision 1999/481/CFSP, art. 1, para. 1). 


The geographical scope of the embargo has been gradually scaled down. Slovenia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia were excluded from the scope of sanctions in February 1996, followed by Croatia in November 2000. These measures ceased to apply to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in October 2001 (Common position 2001/719/CFSP) to only apply to Bosnia and Herzegovina until January 2006. 

See European Council Decision of July 5, 1991; Common Positions 96/184/CFSP, 98/240/CFSP2006/29/CFSP and Council Decision 1999/481/CFSP

Restrictions diagram: